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1300-1303 Resistance

The market is attempting to attack the 1300-1303 region highlighted yesterday as a potential upside target and key resistance which could halt this rally.

The recent downside target was projected by using the measured move technique. The 1265 region was a level in which i said that a bounce was most likely. This was also a region which was projected utilizing  a Fibonacci technique with the lower support level drawn from 23 April low to 01 May high finding confluence with the second Fibonacci projection drawn from the 18 May low to the 29 May high. We are now in a position where we are back testing both the 50% level of the previous move down from 29 May to 4 June and also a previous Fibonacci level drawn from 23 April low to 01 May high. This level is also in confluence with the volatility band resistance just underneath at 1299.62.

I have also projected a Fibonacci time calculation from the 02 April peak to the May 1 peak, which is returning 11 June and 15 June dates. With reference back to the Natural Cycle chart these dates corroborate the cycle projection low and high around these dates

We are currently trending downwards in a customized Andrew Pitchfork which i designed which incorporates Fibonacci levels which could provide the bounds for this move  downwards should it eventuate. Essentially the projection for a high has been moved forward a couple of days due to the market testing key resistance earlier than first anticipated. The key to this move will be if we cannot break through 1300-1303 then we will head downwards.

This market is throwing a few curve balls which is good and bad. Its bad in the sense that i am having to be at the top of my game rather than sit back and just wait for the move to play out but it is good as it means that with all of this volatility a major change in trend is near.



7 comments on “1300-1303 Resistance

  1. Anonymous
    June 7, 2012

    Hi Anthony

    Does today’s rally action change your take on the near term drop?


    • Anthony Tudela
      June 7, 2012


      We blew through the target resistance, im expecting next resistance at 1320-1323 and a lower close today. Overall we should still be up into 11 June with the next target at 1330-1333.

      Short trade was stopped out at 1305 for 6pt loss.

      Looking for pullback then re-entry long at todays close should we meet downside target.

      • jwdchan
        June 7, 2012

        Hi Anthony
        Doesnt look like today close give us an entry, it went all the way to basically 1314. Are u seeing a pull back tomorrow for an entry? Wondering any level u will be watching for the pull back?


        • Anthony Tudela
          June 7, 2012


          I said in my comments above look for a pullback. We could retest the 1302-1303 area.


  2. Anthony Tudela
    June 7, 2012

    The market is stalling at 1300-1303. A move above this level will mean that we move higher into 11 June time window, so far resistance is strong.

    • drrock
      June 7, 2012

      heavy resistance at downward trendline, 1310-1315

  3. Anonymous
    June 6, 2012

    Thanks for frequent updates and thorough analysis, much appreciated

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