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News Cycle Update

The 10 day and 5 day correlation scores show the recent cycle inversion in the news cycle which has followed the cycle progression almost perfectly.

You can see that the 10 day correlation score was gradually becoming less correlated from mid may to mid June represented by the upwards sloping yellow line (inverted cycle) and then there was a subsequent cross of the zero line on the 25 June.

Currenlty the correlation remains strongly in the positive territory translating to higher prices due this Friday before the downtrend resumes. A spike low in prices today would invert the cycle looking for a high, so a low on Friday will result in higher prices due next week.

The News Cycle cycle progression is showing higher prices Friday subject to an inversion. However if you look at the cycle progression since it inverted in late June it has followed the cycle day by day.

The Composite Cycle indicates that an inversion took place after the 4 June low.


4 comments on “News Cycle Update

  1. Anthony Tudela
    July 14, 2012

    Double D
    Thanks for the comments.

    I expect that next week will be up into the 20 July. Thereafter we drop into 29-30 July before making a new high around 6 August. This is confirmed by both the AstroCycle, News Cycle and Natural Cycle.

    I have a target above 1400 the target will become clearer as time approaches.

    I ran some analysis on the correlation scores which appeared to lag in real time which is what you would expect. So a more simple approach was to say that if a significant high or low is expected and the opposite happens then the cycle has inverted. All the cycles were expecting a significant high on Thursday, instead we posted a low so the cycle inverted which projected Fridays large up day and more buying pressure next week.


  2. DoubleD
    July 14, 2012

    Friday 10pm

    Master Anthony,

    That was a very real, on the line, as matter of fact directional call.
    i am very impressed, more so because i did not trade it today(low volume spike).
    Next week being opex fri week i expect more of the same whip-saw type move to shake all out till max pain at 1340ish. How do you interpret your system for next week and the rest of july. What do you see after opex? Astro wise some say its bad, could it get inverted? and be good?
    Again nice call. Real nice.

  3. Anthony Tudela
    July 13, 2012

    We got our inversion. Higher prices to come, looks like the cycle has reverted back. Charts to come.

    • Rezito
      July 14, 2012


      Is there an upside target you’re looking for?

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