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CIT Dates

Attached is a chart showing the CIT dates for the S&P500 for the remainder of December. This chart shows a summary of both my CIT dates and the ATSI signals.

The red lines on the chart show Platy’s Mars cycle. More of her excellent analysis can be found here and here.

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CIT Dates


Anthony Tudela Swing Indicator

The ATSI is a proprietary time cycle tool which seeks to extract the dominant cycle within any market. The ATSI can be used on most instruments and is best used on both weekly and daily time frames. The ATSI works by extracting the dominant cycle for each instrument similar to a DNA code.


Signals are given by a change in direction of the swing indicator. The indicator direction is not indicative of trend direction only that price and time are in confluence for a change-in-trend. The indicator is particularly useful on a weekly time frame and can provide clues as to the strength of a trend for mid term swing trading. Whilst the signals are not as reliable as the normal CIT calculations they do help for confirmation purposes.

Below is the weekly chart of the S&P500 showing the indicator vs a simple stochastic oscillator. The indicator is showing that if we are to change trend then it is likely to happen next week, if the trend remains up it is unlikely to change significantly until the end of the year.


The daily dates for Dec are 7,11, 14, 18, 20 & 26.


Below is an updated S&P500 chart with ZigZags correlation chart unshifted with latest ATSI signals.






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