with Anthony, ZigZag & Platy


This is not trading advice. Please read disclaimer.

Anthony –  Looking for low on Monday/Tuesday of 1422-1424 then bounce 30pts to 1452-1454. Will short the bounce.

10/22 0:35 EDT looking to enter long SPX cash CFD at 1429 for short term trade to the upside. Target 1450. Will then short.

10/23 0:38 EDT Futures are down slightly as to be expected after a recovery like we had. Ive now moved stop up to breakeven. The market is finding support and is limiting itself to any major sell off for the time being. Target has been down adjusted to 1446-1448. Time to kick back for a couple of days.

10/23 3: 50 EDT Stopped out at break-even. In Cash.

10/23 4:15 EDT Try again. Long @1424. Stop below yesterdays low.

10/23 6:58 EDT Support kept collapsing closed out at 3pt loss. Short at 1419. Target 1407-1408

10/24 Closed short during the session as we hit my downside target erasing previous loss and gaining 11pts. Currently in cash. Expecting a low may be in if not today, expecting us to attack the 1433-1435 level then the 1445-1448 levels in the coming days. Trends remain down into mid November. Likely short term top date 29 Oct – 01 Nov.

10/25 I think todays market could take us into the 1422-1424 region. Sitting patiently.

10/26 Will start to build short position on strength in the 1424 region

10/30 Due to the NYSE closure and a CIT over the weekend period i will be looking to go short on higher prices into Friday. Looking for entry in the 1424-1426 region, if we move up through this level as we come into time ill be looking at the 1442-1444 level.

11/02 Order to short 1442

11/13 Back from vacation. Sitting patiently until this bottoms out. Could be as late as 29 November, however im thinking a low around 15th, then perhaps a high around 22 Nov before declining into 29th.

11/15 Long 1355. No stop yet. We have come into a time window. Should be limited downside left.

11/19 Long closed at 1368.50. for 13.5pt gain, likely to see marginally higher prices attacking 1371-1374 then as high as 1380. I think this will then move down into our final low between 29 Nov-5 Dec. No point being greedy.

11/21 Short S&P at the close into end of November.

11/29 Stopped out

12/03 Waiting for expect high on 05/06 Dec. There are certainly some shennanigans with the minor inversions my preference is still for the 6th as a high then 11/12 as a low.

12/06 People should start looking into longer term short positions, the bearish scenario is becoming more prevalent and any strength should be used to short the market into late December at the very least. Longer term we are up but for now shorter and mid term trends are still bearish and should resolve in 4-5 weeks. The daily wiggles have proven difficult to ride, so we must be fairly loose with our stops within the context of the larger cycle. Next stop should be around 11/12 Dec which at this stage is likely to be a low, counter trend bounce into 14 Dec weekend then down again into 21 Dec.

12/07 Short 1414. Stop 1418.

12/13 IF we break below 1425-1424 the first test will be the 1414-1416 region, then after that 1404-1406. If these hold our weekly trend will remain up. Looking at the swing indicator a move below this weekly low will validate a move down into the next low due in the week of 21 December. However the stochastics on a weekly time frame are not at overbought levels yet and could suggest that if these downside targets act as support we could see price as high as 1450 to 1500 by the end of December.

On a daily time frame there is another ATSI signal on Friday with a CIT over the weekend and a smaller cycle providing some bullish bias up until Friday. From a resistance perspective i thought that we posted the high 2 days ago however that was breached yesterday and would suggest the next upside target of 1442-1447 by this time frame.

Edit: Intraday we are finding decent support at around 1425, in the cash market we could see some support at these levels as previously stated and a move upto 1433-1434 being the first point of resistance if we are to continue downwards. If we find support at 1433-1434 then we could test 1442-1447 by the end of the week.

With a weekend CIT and a weekly ATSI signal here those who are still long should move their stops up to low of the previous 2 weeks. Those who are looking to go short into the 21st window, providing upside targets have been met, the weekend CIT could provide the catalyst for a bearish move next week.

If we also pull up the S&P500 roadmap there is a peak this weekend on the 15th (the roadmap and CIT methods are different and therefore one corroborates the other).

12/17 Order to sell short at 1414. Initial target 1404-1408. Next support 1380-1384 if this level breaks down. If today ends up higher it will likely test the 1424-1428 region, given that today is a CIT date we either end up much lower or we end up higher without triggering the order and will look to reshort at higher prices, indicator show short term trend is still down.

12/18 Order unfilled. Trend has changed to upwards next window 21-24. Will look to get long on any pullback.


ZigZag – Still short from Oct 5th. Stop above Sept 14th on a weekly close.   No price target, just keeping an eye on time zones.

10/19 12:23pm:  Covered one short batch only!  I will look to reload it on any bounce next week.

10/22 10:56AM:  Moving my stop down to just above my October 5th short date.  Will probably cover if it’s hit intra-day.

10/23 7:46AM: Covered one short batch only. Letting the rest ride.

10/26 6:30AM: Covered all short positions from Oct 5th.

10/31 11:00AM:  Long one batch. Will add on dips.

11/02 11:43AM:  Long second batch.

11/08 10:28AM: Long third batch

11/13 6:40AM: Long fourth batch

11/14 12:50PM Long a tiny bite of the AAPL

11/16 8:30AM Long second small bite on the AAPL

11/19 7:00AM sold AAPL

11/29 7:00AM Sold one batch only! Will add back on weakness.


Platy – Short /es 1455.75.

10/18 11:15am: Small silver short, 33.05.

10/21 6:25pm: Took profit on silver short 31.75. (Hit bottom of trend channel.) Will look for another bounce to short again.

10/22 7:41am: Short silver 32.27. Hitting resistance. It may go higher but I will hold through with wide stop.

10/25 12:30am: Closing out silver short at 32.07 on the chance that my 10/28 turn date is a high.

10/26 11:54am: Short silver 32.225. 10 DMA serving as resistance.

I will be looking for a drop Monday to reverse shorts to longs. Looking for gold to go below 1696, silver below 31.36.

10/29 12:20pm: Closed silver short, 31.78, near bottom of trend channel. I won’t be shorting silver anymore. Looking for an opportunity to go long.

10/30 1am: Closed /es short 1399.5. In cash.

11/2 11:18am: Small gold long, 1684. Closed at 1719.4.

11/2 12:42pm: Batch of NUGT, 14.15. No stop.

11/5 12:22pm: Another batch of NUGT, 13.58. No stop.

11/7 10:46am: Added another small gold long, 1710.     11/8 1:45pm: Took profit on this gold long 1728.7. Will look to re-enter lower. Letting other long ride.

11/7 11:47am: Small crude long, 85.15.

11/7/12:03pm: Long /nq 2613.50. Stopped out 2570.

11/8 9:50am: Closed crude breakeven. Not confident enough in this one.

11/8 7/11pm: Long /es 1376. Stopped out.

11/9 9:27am: Long /es 1370. Stopped out breakeven.

11/9 10:57am: Final batch of NUGT, 14.7. No stop.

11/13 10:33am: Long /nq 2570. Looks like a new moon bottom. Stopped out.

11/13 10:49am: Extra half batch of NUGT, 13.47. No stop.

11/15 9:36am: Long /nq 2531, Stopped out breakeven.

11/15 10:04am: Long /nq 2527.50. Stopped out breakeven.

11/15 10:57am: Long /nq 2522. Sold at 2519. Waiting for lower entry.

11/15 11:40am: Extra quarter batch of NUGT, 11.03. No stop.

11/15 12:48pm: Long /nq 2521. Stopped out.

11/16 9:56am: Long /es 1346, breakeven stop.

11/19 10:11am: Sold /es 1376.25.

11/20 4:50am: Small oil long 88.7. Stopped out 88.25, looking for better entry.

11/20 11:37am: Small oil long 87.45. Out 87.3, looking for better entry.

11/20 12:12pm: Small oil long 86.6. Stopped out breakeven.

11/21 12:00pm Small oil long 86.45. Sold at 87.2 on break of trendline support.

11/23 1:00pm Sold 3/4 batch NUGT 12.68 for rebalancing of portfolio.

11/26 1:40pm Short /es 1400.5

11/28 9:52am Closed /es short 1387.50. VIX gap is closed.

11/30 10:08am Small silver short 34.29. Closed 33.37. I’m thinking we will see a re-test of 33 early next week when I will go long.

12/3 6:39am: Short /es 1417.5. Stopped out.

12/4 9:10am: Long silver 32.94. Stopped out.

12/4 3:01pm: Long silver 32.95, Stopped out.

12/4 3:57pm: Long platinum 1587.3, Stopped out.

12/5 9:55am: Long gold 1698. Stopped out.

12/5 10:12am: Long silver 32.705. Stopped out.

12/5 11:54am: Long gold 1691. Stopped out.

12/6 9:50am: Giving it one more try on the chance that yesterday was the low. Long gold 1691.9. Stopped out.

12/6 10:41am: Long oil, 86, closes 85.5. Looks like we’re going to re-test the lows. Waiting for better entry.

12/6 2:05pm: Short dollar, 80.285. Stopped out.

12/7 10:00am: Long silver 33.08 on re-test of trend channel it just broke out of. Breakeven stop. Closed at 33.35.

12/7 10:28am: Short dollar 80.51. Closed at 80.43.

12/7 12:25pm: Long gold 1702 on breakout of channel, similar to silver. Closed at 1711.

12/11: I plan to place buy orders tomorrow for gold at around 1678, and silver 32.1. It is looking like the FOMC meeting will be the catalyst for some major swings. My stop for both will be a drop below 1672 in gold. My target is 1800+ for gold and 36+ in silver. I have a very important turn date in January so I will likely hold until then.

12/12: 10:33am short silver 33.34. Stopped out breakeven.

12/12: In case I sleep in, my target for tomorrow morning is somewhere in the 1675-1690 range for gold, 32 – 32.4 for silver. If I caught anything in that range I would be happy.

12/13: Long gold 1694.3,closed 1673. I may switch this to silver on Friday.

12/13: Long silver 32.562. Closed 30.35. Supports are broken.

12/13: 2:35am Long /es 1418, stopped out.

12/14: 12:56pm Added a second silver contract at 32.29, stopped out 31.

12/17 10:40am: Long /nq 2629.25, closed 2708.25. This bull run is not finished but I think there is a pull back needed so I will look to re-enter lower.

12/20 6:45am: Long /nq 2696.75.

12/20 1:10pm: Long silver 29.79. Sold 29.955. Will wait for tomorrow for possible double test of low. Gold seems to need a lower low.



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